Mike Kamowski, Director

Responsible for supporting the colleges and departments, and represents the campus on cross-functional items.

Shannon Dwyer, Associate Director

General Banner support, administrative reporting, and production scheduling

Carl Grazier, Associate Director

Technology - OSSS hardware, databases, and application development and maintenance.

Training, documentation and job aides, college and department reporting requests, quality control, and OSSS application testing.

Chris Davila, IT Technical Associate (Student Security)

Student Security, Banner Database and General Support.

Ken Dix, IT Technical Associate (Project Management)

Project Management, Placement Testing, databases, and application development and maintenance.

Marco Arroyo, IT Technical Associate

Undergraduate Communications, Slate support and configuration, Banner XE Events

Shivya Vidhyarthi, IT Project Manager

Project Management

Violeta Carrion., IT Technical Associate (Software Development)

Student Integrated Planning and Advising System (IPAS)

George Blackwell Jr., IT Technical Associate (Student Portal Lead)

Student Portal, Student Portal Content, Portal Support, UIC Connect, Placement Testing and Web Development

Mike Wilson, Extra Help

Nancy Sosnowski, Extra Help