Prioritization and ITPC Templates

Template Review: Starting in March all student templates will be discussed at this group in a regular meeting or by email. An informal review of the templates has been started. SSAC will develop a formal review by May 1. A sub-team will be formed to work on the formal review process.

Template Creation: The SSAC members will bring to the group all enhancement requests from the units they represent. The full SSAC will discuss these issues and determine whether a template will be created, or perhaps a report will be developed by a UIC team, or an alternative solution devised.
The chair will appoint as necessary a team to create the template. All UIC templates will be assigned to an Office of Student Systems Services member. The OSSS member will be responsible for moving the template through the Student ITPC process.

Prioritization Process: SSAC will prioritize every quarter all outstanding student templates. Any template where work has started or still is in the approval process will not be prioritized. See Appendix B for the prioritization worksheet.

Rating Submitters: Each College and unit will review each template and provide one score for their unit based on the criteria. (See Appendix B) The reviewers are: all colleges, including the Graduate and the Honors College; Administrative Units by function (OAR, ORR, etc); and the Office of Student Systems Services.

Meetings: The SSAC will meet every four weeks. Issues that require feedback that do not fit within the meeting schedule will be resolved using email. The Chair will determine if an off-cycle meeting will be needed to resolve urgent problems.