BRM Organization

Processed Organization
YesUIC Bioengineering
YesUIC College of Applied Health Sciences, Office of Student Affairs
YesUIC College of Architecture and the Arts
YesUIC College of Business
YesUIC College of Engineering
YesUIC College of Medicine - Biomedical Sciences
YesUIC College of Nursing - Graduate
YesUIC College of Nursing - Undergraduate
YesUIC College of Pharmacy, Dept. Pharm. Admin.
YesUIC Department of Art History
YesUIC Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences
YesUIC Department of Chemistry
YesUIC Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition - Kinesiology Program
YesUIC Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition - Nutrition Program
YesUIC Department of Philosophy
YesUIC Department of Physical Therapy
YesUIC Department of Psychology
YesUIC Department of Public Administration
YesUIC Department of Urban Planning and Policy
YesUIC Dept of Disability & Human Devt
YesUIC Dept Physiology and Biophysics
YesUIC Dept. of Medical Education
YesUIC Doctoral Education Program
YesUIC Earth & Environmental Sciences
YesUIC Electrical& Computer Engr
YesUIC Graduate and Professional Admissions
YesUIC Graduate Public Administration
YesUIC Graduate Program in Neuroscience
YesUIC Graduate School of Architecture
YesUIC Honors College
YesUIC Housing
YesUIC Jane Addams College of Social Work - PhD
YesUIC Kinesiology and Nutrition - Graduate
YesUIC Liautaud Graduate School of Business
YesUIC M.Ed. Programs
YesUIC MSW JACSW Admission
YesUIC Orientation
YesUIC Placement Testing
YesUIC School of Art and Design
YesUIC School of Continuing Studies
YesUIC School of Public Health
YesUIC Summer Session Office
YesUIC Undergraduate Admissions
YesUIC Testing Office
YesUIC Graduate Architecture
YesUIC Department of Physical Therapy
YesUIC Graduate Architecture
YesUIC Graduate Education Medical Sciences
YesUIC Anatomy and Cell Biology
YesUIC Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics
YesUIC Department of Chemical Engineering
YesUIC Dept. of Slavic & Baltic Languages (School of Lit Cult Ling)
YesUIC - Spanish MAT (School of Lit Cult Ling)
YesUIC Dept. of Linguistics (School of Lit Cult Ling)
YesUIC Dept. of Hispanic Studies (School of Lit Cult Ling)
YesUIC Dept. of Germanic Studies (School of Lit Cult Ling)
YesUIC Anthropology
YesUIC College of Dentistry - PhD Oral Sciences
YesUIC Pharmacognosy
YesUIC Medicinal Chemistry
YesUIC Graduate College
YesUIC College of Education
YesUIC Department of Sociology
YesUIC Mechanical Industrial Engineering
YesUIC Anthropology
YesUIC Department of Pharmacology
YesUIC Pharmacy Student Affairs
YesUIC Department of Computer Science
YesUIC Political Science
YesUIC Dept of Microbiology and Immunology
YesUIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Academic Advising
YesUIC Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services
Yes UIC Department of Economics