Student Systems Projects

The Office of Student System Services provides support to create, implement and maintain certain student systems projects. OSSS works with the appropriate unit(s) to create a work request, ITPC template, or campus development of student related projects.

OSSS Student ITPC Template Request or Work Request: Please fill out and submit this form to start the process. Once this form is submitted, you will be contacted within a week by an OSSS staff person to discuss the issue and to obtain additional information. The requests will be evaluated by OSSS and work will proceed through the process as outlined in the next section.

Process: Once a request is received by OSSS from UIC or another campus, it is evaluated by the campus groups. This flowchart outlines the process for a work request or ITPC template.

ITPC template Prioritization: All Student ITPC templates go through a campus prioritization process. This process is outlined in the flowchart. Once the campus priority is set, the Student ITPC of the three campuses sets the University priority.