SSAC Membership

The SSAC has campus-wide representation. College members are nominated by the Committee of Associate and Assistant Deans (CAAD). Administrators from other units nominate their representatives. The following areas are represented:

  1. One or two members from each college (graduate, undergraduate and professional)
  2. Graduate College
  3. Honors College
  4. Registration and Records
  5. Admissions and Records
  6. Financial Aid
  7. Student Orientation Office
  8. Testing Services
  9. ACCC
  10. Student Accounts Receivables
  11. Administrative Information Technology Services
  12. Office of Student Systems Services


Chair: Michael Kamowski - Office of Student Systems Services Director

Applied Health Sciences Eileen Marie Doran
Art and Architecture Millie Crespo
Business Donna Nowacki
Dawn Birkland
Natalie Mean
Dentistry Darryl D. Pendleton
Education Michael T. Herkes
Joyce G. Eisen
Jennifer DeLago
Engineering James T. Muench
Graduate Steven P. Kragon
Honors Stacie Williams
LAS Brian Roessler
Medicine Susan Huhndorf
Nursing Clare Delaney
Robert Moranetz
Pharmacy Thomas Ten Hoeve
Public Health Babette Neuberger
Gwen Slaughter
La Don Reed
Social Work Veronica Stanfield
Urban Planning Valerie Werner
Admissions Fernando Planas
Malinda Lorkovich
Kevin Shalla
Continuing Studies Natalie Kokorudz
Registration and Records Robert R. Dixon
Michelle Lee Garcia
DARS Mary Margaret Brennan
Lisa Durham
Financial Aid Gail Moran
Orientation Jessica Stewart
Kelly McCray
Student Financial Services Alisa M. Abadinsky
Support Groups No member assigned *
Testing Services Latoshia Tomikia

Ex-officio Members:
Office of Student Systems Services Staff - Michael Wilson, Carl Grazier, and George Blackwell
Decision Support - Michele Bergman
ACCC - Margaret Bird and Janet Shaw
AITS ESC - Jeannie Thomas
Academic Affairs - Edward Valentine, Kim Neumann and Saleha Rizvi
Student Affairs - William Rodriguez
Office of Institutional Research-Connie Zdenek