OSSS Existing Applications/Ongoing Work

  1. Portal (my.UIC) – Manage the UIC portal, maintain the content, and coordinate focus groups for content revision.

  2. UIC Connect – Admissions to Enrollment tab in the portal. It transitions newly admitted undergraduate, graduate and professional students to UIC. One stop for information and tasks prior to the first day of classes.

  3. Intent to Enroll – Automated acceptance of offer for undergraduate freshman, transfer, graduate and readmit students. It is a tracking system and automated Banner update.

  4. Support Program sign-up and information - Application for students to sign up for a support program (uses attribute loader) or request information – sends an email to the support group.

  5. Placement Testing – Sign-up for placement tests and access to the on-line math test. Includes test scheduling, student testing profiles, and reports. Used by testing office, colleges, and students.

  6. Orientation Systems – Undergraduate student sign-up and back end component for maintenance, registration, reporting system for spring and summer undergraduate orientation. Graduate Orientation System for fall graduate students.

  7. Preview Days, Daily Visits, Freshman Friday Sign-up – Student web sign-up and back end system for managing the incoming student visits. Loads recruit data into Banner for all attendees through a batch interface. This application may be replaced by Banner 9 Event Management application.

  8. Gradview – Graduate application preview system that sends key information to the department when a graduate student submits a web application. This application may be replaced by BRM once fully operational.

  9. Professional Program Admissions Application Interfaces – Applications that transform the data received from professional college application services and load the data through a Banner batch interface. Updates are required each year, based on changes made by the services.

  10. Course Request System and Academic Programs – maintain the server for Academic Affairs applications.

  11. Scheduling pre-proofs – Class Schedule pre-proofs website used by academic departments for class schedule preparation for future terms.

  12. Class Schedule – Searchable Class Schedule by criteria, department view, including enrollment counts. This application can be accessed within the portal or directly from the UIC website.

  13. Class Scheduling Tools - Tool used primarily by undergraduate students to build possible schedules based on selection criteria. Throughout orientation/registration, course section availability is updated every 15 minutes with enrollment counts from Banner. Time required for summer registration sessions has been reduced by 1.5 – 2 hours for the largest college.

  14. MediEase – Maintain the server and application for OAR for Medical Immunization. This may be replaced by Banner in the future.

  15. Training – Develop, schedule and deliver campus-wide training for Banner, OSSS applications, and beginning fall 2011, BRM.

  16. Advising Holds – Automated process for placing new and continuing student advising holds in Banner by college or program.

  17. Attribute Loader – Creates the student attribute file for the Banner batch loader interface.

  18. Academic Review Documents – Specialized grade review documents used by colleges to adjust and certify students’ academic standing at the end of the term.

  19. BRM Interaction Loader – Creates and loads the interactions for OSSS systems and ad hoc interactions. This will be used to load the college and department interactions.

  20. Ad Hoc/System Emails – Send large scale and OSSS application emails to incoming and current students. This email process will transition to BRM within the next year.

  21. Production Calendar – Maintain the UIC student production calendar for Banner and related systems.

  22. Creating the DARS Transfer Articulation Table view for advisors

  23. FSA Atlas – Working with Office of International Services on the data integration for the FSA Atlas implementation.