1. Maximize the benefits of the UI-Integrate/Banner student systems implementation for UIC students, faculty, and administrative units.

  2. Interact with the AITS central systems support organizations and the other campuses in such a way as to give UIC a strong and focused voice in the evolution of UI-Integrate/Banner and affiliated products.

  3. Advise and alert other administrative areas (esp. OBFS, HR, icard) on potential impacts of their plans and practices on student components of the system.

  4. Coordinate system usage and changes across UIC student areas (Admissions, Registration and Records, Financial Aid, Catalogue, Schedule, DARWin, etc.) This would include active involvement in calendaring, configuration changes, etc.

  5. Manage system upgrades at the campus level, including involvement of administrative areas, preparation of test plans, validation of results, updating and revision of training materials, etc.

  6. Create, support, and maintain UIC-specific ancillary systems in the student area (web information and help screens, front ends to Web for Student and Web for Faculty, Course Approval System, Immunization Tracking System, the planned Staff/Faculty training application, etc.)

  7. Work with the trainers within administrative areas and to provide training as necessary in the colleges and departments.

  8. Develop and/or manage projects in support of UIC student systems as the campus prioritizes them. Examples of larger central projects may include imaging, OCR, portal, and the scheduled major upgrade to Banner 7. Smaller projects could include reports.

  9. Serve as a ready and knowledgeable source of information on UI-Integrate/Banner processes, procedures, and data structures.

  10. Communicate with a variety of constituencies regarding the processes, policies, and changes in using UI-Integrate/Banner and subsidiary systems.

In order to accomplish these objectives, the Office of Student Systems Services:

  1. Provides the third tier support for UI-Integrate/Banner student systems: AITS Help Desk is the first tier of support and routinely routes problem reports not answered directly by the Help Desk to the appropriate campus units. Those units (e.g. OAR, Financial Aid, etc.) are the second tier of support. OSSS provides the third tier of support, and the AITS central organization is the final tier of support.

  2. Coordinates UIC's change and enhancement request process for UI-Integrate and related student systems. Communication within and across campuses is critical to successful approval, development, and implementation of enhancements. OSSS will facilitate UIC's efforts in the following ways:

    1. Collaborate with requesting unit(s) to facilitate development of request documents (templates).

    2. Circulate requests within UIC for understanding, endorsement, and approval.

    3. Circulate requests to UIUC and UIS units, as appropriate for cross-campus understanding and endorsement.

    4. Sign-off and officially submit requests when the above steps are complete.

    5. Monitor progress of submitted requests through the Student and overall ITPC processes.

  3. Manages and delivers UIC's version of UI-Integrate/Banner student training and materials:

    1. Maintains developed training information delivered to the campus

    2. Incorporates new processes/policies into documentation and training practice material

    3. Coordinates training sessions for departments and other areas as appropriate

    4. Assists administrative units (OAR, FinAid, A/R) who provide internal training. OSSS is available to provide cross-functional training materials and review other materials as required for consistency.

    5. Provides expertise and coordination of training material updates for major upgrades (i.e. 7.0)

    6. Coordinate with vendors, other University-wide units as appropriate for revision of training materials

    7. Facilitates cross functional training, and documentation for baseline processes such as General Person Data Entry and Maintenance to insure consistency and minimize system wide impacts for data entry.

  4. Coordinates UIC General Person Resolution:

    1. Provides needed expertise for all person related issues for the campus.

    2. Liaison for UIC for University wide person initiatives that are not UI-Integrate/Banner based but impact Banner processing (i.e. i-card; messaging; generation of ID and access)

    3. Coordinates the cleanup of person related issues by administrative units

    4. Develops appropriate processes and procedures for the expedient correction of person issues

    5. Prioritizes person resolution, in cooperation with the AITS central person resolution team, to appropriately expedite resolutions based on the cycles of student processing and the needs of the campus (i.e. admissions decision dates by term versus financial aid loads for future terms).

    6. Submit the priorities for special requests (after campus consultation).

  5. Works to enhance UI-Integrate/Banner and other student systems support for UIC through defined, collaborative working relationships with key campus constituencies. OSSS will participate in standing meetings, will convene some specific meetings, and will assign OSSS staff as on-going resources to key areas. This collaboration will encourage and facilitate the use, maintenance, and enhancement of student systems support for the administrative units, colleges, faculty and staff at UIC. Particular areas of attention will include:

    1. On-going production: Planning, calendaring, configuration, and problem resolution

    2. Term events: Coordinating system schedule for college/department activities throughout each term cycle, including specialized reports and monitoring.

    3. Process changes (short- and long-term): Adapting/implementing system processes to support business process changes or external mandates. These solutions may include but are not limited to Web-based solutions, such as the Grad Department Preview pages, Academic Review Documents, PDL supplemental, or temporary work-arounds for a specific issue.

    4. Report usage, modification, and development: OSSS will work with campus units and Decision Support to enhance available reporting environments and to develop reports and tools for the larger campus community.

  6. Provides technical expertise. OSSS will:

    1. Work with the responsible parties on the implementation of any new components.

    2. Provide direct oversight of system upgrades.

    3. Provide or delegate as necessary the campus sign-off of software releases.

    4. Sign off on all major version releases.

    5. Coordinate and approve all test plans with the administrative units.

    6. Oversee the testing of releases by the administrative units.

    7. Participate in the testing of major upgrades and provide any additional support of interim releases.

  7. Manages UIC student systems projects. OSSS will implement campus-based projects according to campus priorities and will:

    1. Work with UIC units to define the project

    2. Set up and create the implementation plans and test plans

    3. Coordinate the technical support to the project (OSSS, AITS, external vendor)

    4. Coordinate the implementation and signoff.

  8. Provides specific hardware support. OSSS will provide the necessary hardware and support for certain campus student-related systems. In these situations, specific agreements are defined between OSSS and the campus unit.

  9. Membership on Campus and University Committees: OSSS serves in a number of advisory or collaborative roles:

    1. Chair the Student Systems Advisory Committee

    2. Chair the Student Systems Business Users

    3. Member of Student ITPC (provide advice to other UIC Student ITPC members

    4. Member of University Multiple Person Resolution

    5. Member of University Messaging and Identity Management

    6. Provide advice to CAAD (non-voting role)

    7. Provide Advice to the Faculty Senate when requested.

    8. Member of University wide Consortium on Staff Development