Graduate Document Upload:

As presented at Director of Graduate Studies meetings and previous emails, the Office of Student Systems Services (OSSS) has been working with the Graduate College and the Admissions Office on a procedure for applicants and recommenders to electronically upload required program-specific admissions documents (letters of recommendation; writing samples; etc.), as an enhancement to the Banner web application.

About one year ago a committee was formed that included personnel from the offices mentioned above, along with program DGS and support staff. The Committee established parameters for the process, including security, scope, presentation of the documents to programs, etc. The committee is continuing to provide feedback and the project is set to go live this August for Fall 2013 applicants.


Major Milestones and Timeline:

# Topic Date
1. Committee Approves Design May, 2012 Completed
2. Departmental Data Due July, 1, 2012 Completed
3. Overview of Process July 2012  
4. Banner Relationship Management Campaigns Completed August 2012  
5. Banner Departmental Configuration Completed August 2012  
6. Prospective Student Portal Integration August 2012  
7. BRM Campaigns Launched¬†¬† September 2012  
8. Intent to Enroll Portion January 1, 2013