Campus and University Committees that are convened or attended by OSSS

  1. Student Systems Business Owners: Representatives of UIC’s primary student administrative units meet monthly to discuss Banner issues and other student topics. OSSS convenes.

  2. Student Services Advisory Committee – College and administrative unit representation, consisting of assistant deans, OAR, Financial Aid, AITS, ACCC, Testing and Orientation Offices. The committee prioritizes Information Technology ITPC requests, reviews and provides input for OSSS application development, receives information about Banner upgrades, current student processes and discusses any student issues. OSSS convenes.

  3. Strategic Enrollment Management Committee – Formed to serve as a steering team for BRM, this committee needs to be re-constituted in Fall 2011 to focus on student retention. Initially convened by OSSS.

  4. Portal Committee – Representatives from OAR, Faculty Affairs, HR and Finance. The committee provides strategic direction for the portal. OSSS convenes the committee and runs the focus groups to facilitate work.

  5. UIC Connect – Committee meets once a quarter to provide input into enhancements and development of UIC Connect. OSSS convenes.

  6. UIC IT Governance Council Administration Subcommittee - The Administration committee considers IT used primarily for process improvement and decision support services. The Administration committee is a primary venue for the UIC campus to collect and prioritize strategic needs regarding IT support of business processes. Mike K - member.

  7. Student ITPC – UIC is represented by four members on this three-campus committee.The committee approves Student ITPC requests for UI projects and prioritizes approved Student ITPC projects each quarter. The chair rotates among the campuses annually. OSSS (Mike K) chairs in years when UIC is the convening campus.

  8. Cross-functional ITPC - Discusses all ITPC templates from all areas. Recommends to ITPC approval and provides prioritization recommendations of HR, Finance and Student. Mike K - UIC student representative.

  9. Work Request Committee – Three campus committee that meets once a quarter or as needed to discuss and prioritize work requests submitted to AITS. Work requests are relatively small, requiring less than 400 hours of effort, and do not need ITPC review. To date, OSSS convenes.

  10. University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations Advisory Group - The purpose of the USFSCOAG is to facilitate communication to students, faculty, and the university community about USFSCO services, and to advise USFSCO regarding campus policy and strategy related to the continual changes in technology, business processes, and state and federal regulations that impact our community.

  11. Other meetings among UIC units and/or all campuses and UA – Student Systems Coordination, Cross-Functional Coordination, Cross-Functional Working Groups, OAR Management, OAR/OSSS/ITS, DARS, Financial Aid, Production Calendaring, Production Issues, and BRM SunGard meetings.

  12. SunGard Development Partner Groups – UIC and OSSS participate in DPG groups. Current DPG groups are: Event Management, Performance, Enrollment Management Development Partners main committee, BRM Multi Entity Processing (MEP) and Faculty Grading rewrite.