Banner 9

What Training is Available?

  1. September 2018: Training for departmental class schedule builders will start after September 17th. Training notification will be sent by the Classroom Scheduling Office.

  2. October 2018: SZACURU training will start after the Banner go live. The training/overview will cover all the colleges/department SZACURU functions. Sign-up will begin in early October.

  3. November 2018: Graduation Process training/overview will start in November. This will cover all aspects of the Graduation process

How Do I Prepare for Banner 9?

  1. Check this site weekly for communications about the upgrade

    Banner 9 Communication 9/7/2018

    Banner 9 Communication 9/14/2018

    Banner 9 Communication 9/21/2018

    Banner 9 Communication 9/28/2018

    Banner 9 Communication 10/05/2018

    Banner 9 Communication 10/12/2018

When Are We Upgrading to Banner 9

  • Banner administrative pages will be upgraded on Sunday, October 14th, 2018.

What is Banner 9 and Why are we Upgrading?

  • Banner 9 introduces a modernized look and feel for Banner Administrative pages, but the functionality remains unchanged. Users will benefit from an intuitive, modern experience, whether they’re accessing the Administrative pages from their computer or mobile device.
We are required to upgrade by the end of 2018 because vendor support for the Banner 8 administrative forms ends as of January 1, 2019.
  • What changes can I expect to see in Banner 9?

    • Banner 9 has a modernized user interface with improved navigation and accessibility. While the pages look different, they contain all of the same fields and sections that you are familiar with in Banner 8.

Banner 9 Resources:

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