Banner Upgrades and Enhancements

  1. Slate: UIC is implementing a new CRM system called Slate. The go live with campus visit registration and information requests in May 2016. Our priority after that will be bringing the rest of the undergraduate recruitment, application, and review processes into Slate in time for the Fall 2017 admission cycle. Graduate and Professional programs will transition into Slate in the second year, with planning meetings expected to begin this fall.

  2. Banner Upgrade on April 24, 2016 Banner Accounts Receivable, Finance, Finance Self-­‐Service, General, Web General, Web Tailor, Human Resources, Employee Self-­‐Service, Position Control, Student, Faculty & Advisor Self-­‐Service and Student Self-­‐Service will all be upgraded as part of this project. This project will include Banner XE Module upgrades for Faculty Grading, Registration, and Banner Student Advising Profile.

  3. Portals: The Prospective Student Portal will be replaced by the Slate Application sometime during 2016. The current student portal,, will be upgraded and redesigned this summer.  It will be piloted with new incoming students.  The campus release will be in October 2016.

  4. Banner XE Registration will be piloted with new incoming students in summer 2016.  XE Registration is user friendly tool.  UIC will also be suing the Block Scheduling feature as part of the Student Success Initiative.

  5. Banner XE Events Management – The new Event Management was implemented in summer 2015.  It is being used for Summer College and incoming student yield events.

  6. Banner XE Student Advising Profile – This application will be piloted with select colleges in summer 2016.  It allows an advisor to have an overview of main components used by advisors.  It has GPA, Time Tickets, Holds, Registration, contact information for the student and instructors, and allows for notes.  In a future release there will be links to Degree Audit, and other information.  The profile is part of the Integrated Planning and Advising Systems project.